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Layer Catalog Overview

For first-time developers, it is helpful to read the following pages before jumping into the layer catalog:

  • Guide to using layers: general concepts and frequently asked questions
  • All layers inherit from either the Layer or the CompositeLayer base classes, and the props of those layers are available to all layers unless otherwise documented. The base class props are not repeated in individual layer documentation.

Core Layers

The Core Layers are a group of generic-purpose layers, intended to represent the building blocks for all data visualizations.

The core layers are the most stable and supported layers.

Aggregation Layers

The Aggregation Layers are layers that aggregate the input data and visualize them in alternative representations, such as grid and hexagon binning, contour, and heatmap.

Geo Layers

The Geo Layers collects layers that specifically target geospatial visualization use cases, including support for map tiles, popular geospatial indexing systems, GIS formats, etc.

Mesh Layers

The Mesh Layers visualize 3D models, with experimental support for scenegraph in the glTF format.