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Use layers with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

The functionality exported by this module must be loaded asynchronously using the loader function loadArcGISModules. This function can be used to load any module that ships with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, plus an additional arcGIS module that acts as an interface between and ArcGIS.

2D integration with MapView is supported by the DeckLayer class.

3D integration with SceneView is experimental: see the DeckRenderer class.


Include the Standalone Bundle

<script src="^9.0.0/dist.min.js"></script>
<!-- or -->
<script src="^9.0.0/dist.min.js"></script>
<script src="^1.0.0/dist.min.js"></script>
<!-- usage -->
<script type="text/javascript">

Note that only loadArcGISModules is expoted by the standalone bundle. DeckLayer and DeckRenderer are avalaible when loadArcGISModule() is resolved.

Install from NPM

npm install @arcgis/core
# or
npm install @arcgis/core
// if using with esri-loader
import {loadArcGISModules} from '';
// if using with @arcgis/core
import {DeckLayer} from '';

The integration classes (DeckLayer and DeckRenderer) extend ArcGIS core classes, therefore they are only available when ArcGIS is available. To load ArcGIS, applications have two options: from AMD modules on CDN or from locally installed ES modules. It is important that the Deck classes are imported in the same way as the ArcGIS dependency.

If the application is importing the ArcGIS Map via AMD modules (esri-loader), then the Deck classes should be accessed by calling loadArcGISModules. This is the case if you are using @esri/react-arcgis, which utilizes esri-loader under the hood.

If the application is importing the ArcGIS Map from locally installed ES modules (@arcgis/core), then the Deck classes should be imported directly from

Supported Features and Limitations

Supported features:

  • Layers
  • Effects
  • Attribute transitions
  • Auto-highlighting
  • onHover and onClick callbacks

Not supported features:

  • Multiple views
  • Controller
  • React integration