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GPU-powered, highly performant large-scale data visualization

GET STARTED is a GPU-powered framework for visual exploratory data analysis of large datasets.

A Layered Approach to Data Visualization allows complex visualizations to be constructed by composing existing layers, and makes it easy to package and share new visualizations as reusable layers. We already offer a catalog of proven layers and we have many more in the works.

High-Precision Computations in the GPU

By emulating 64 bit floating point computations in the GPU, renders datasets with unparalleled accuracy and performance.

React Friendly APIs are designed to reflect the reactive programming paradigm. Whether using Vanilla JS or the React interface, it can handle efficient WebGL2/WebGPU rendering under heavy data load.

Integration with Base Map Providers

While works standalone without a base map, it plays nicely with your favorite base map libraries such as Google Maps, Mapbox, ArcGIS, MapLibre, and more. Where the base map library permits, may interleave with 3D map layers to create seamless visualizations.