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Taxo&Map Biodiversity Map

by Geomatico

Biodiversity world map to browse the collections of the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona and other institutions. It loads of a dataset of 200,000 points with GPU filtering, providing high interactivity and refresh rates.

Internet Speed Tests Map

by Fair Internet Report

An interactive map displaying 3.6 million speed tests from a single day in June 2023, animated seamlessly over a responsive MapBox layer.'s performance and custom shaders ensure the animations run smoothly and vividly. Data is efficiently loaded from a binary format and accessed with array offsets in JavaScript for optimal performance.

Radiance: solar panel positioning optimization

by Radiance

An interactive tool for panel density layout optimization and financial modeling for solar projects. Uses Google 3D tiles rendered in to show realistic immersive environment. Visualize solar flux and hourly shade images on top of the 3D tiles.

I3S Explorer

Visualization and Debug Tool for I3S 3D geographic data

Vizgen Single-Cell MERFISH Spatial Visualizer

by Vizgen

Vizgen's Interactive Single-Cell Spatial Visualizer enables users to explore single-cell gene expression data from our MERFISH Mouse Brain Receptor Map. Cells can be visualized using a UMAP embedding or the spatial coordinates within the brain - providing a detailed spatial map of the tissue.

ISB Covid19

by Data Visualization Center at Fred Hutch

The Institute for Systems Biology Covid19 Atlas provides insights into how the immune system responds with disease progression. The website features single-cell multi-omics time-series data as well as clinical annotations on more than 400 patients.


by Data Visualization Center at Fred Hutch

Understanding the trajectory of a developing human requires understanding of how genes are regulated and expressed. The Descartes Human Cell Atlases features the largest single cell dataset generated to date. It contains data on ~5 million individual cells that when analyzed provides a comprehensive atlas of early human development.


Source code | by Gehlenborg Lab/Harvard Medical School

Viv is a library for multiscale visualization of high-resolution, highly multiplexed bioimaging data on the web. It directly renders data in Bio-Formats-compatible Zarr and OME-TIFF formats. Avivator is a lightweight image viewer that showcases the capabilities of Viv. The development of Viv and Avivator was supported with funding from the National Institutes of Health and Harvard University.

Source code | by Ilya Boyandin is a free tool for representing aggregated numbers of movements between geographic locations as flow maps. It is used to visualize urban mobility, commuting behavior, bus, subway and air travels, bicycle sharing, human and bird migration, refugee flows, freight transportation, trade, supply chains, scientific collaboration, epidemiological and historical data and many other topics.

Isochronic Map

Source code | Blog post | Blog post 2

Remapping road network in major cities by travel times.

Simulating the 2016 Primary

by Andrew Pulcipher

An interactive visualization of the 2016 Presidential primary election in Maricopa County that uses polling place operations research to simulate election day lines and voter walkoffs in real time.

The Bad Bet


Data journalists use to visualize how the revenue generated by video gambling machines in Illinois grow over time and how those revenues failed to meet the projections of legislators.


by Microsoft | GitHub | Demo

SandDance helps you find insights about your data with unit visualizations and smooth animated transitions. It uses to render chart layouts described with Vega.

Autonomous Visualization System

GitHub | Demo

A visualization protocol and toolkit for robotics data in the browser.


MIT Senseable City Laboratory, Singapore | About

Escape is an inspirational flight search engine that helps you choose a destination and find the cheapest flight for your next vacation.

BusRouter SG

by cheeaun | data © Land Transport Authority | GitHub

Explore bus stops and routes on the map for all bus services in Singapore, with realtime bus arrival times and per-bus-stop passing routes overview.


by Dylan Babbs | Example map

Map and explore your flight history with interactive visualizations and analytics.

GitHub | Example map is a powerful web-based geospatial data analysis tool. Built on a high performance rendering engine and designed for large-scale data sets.

Ascii Video Player

Source code

Uses the TextLayer API to convert pixels into characters on the fly. WebGL2 compatible browser is required.

Wind Map

Source code | Blog post

GPU-based data interpolation and partical effects.

Minecraft Chunk Viewer

Source code | Blog post

Rendering A Minecraft World With