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The testLayer utility initializes a layer, test layer updates and draw calls on a series of new props, and allow test suites to inspect the result.

The testLayerAsync utility is like testLayer, but designed for layers that need to resolve resources asynchronously.


Example of layer unit tests using tape. The test utility itself is test framework agnostic.

import test from 'tape-promise/tape';
import {testLayer, testLayerAsync} from '';
import {GeoJsonLayer} from '';

test('GeoJsonLayer#tests', t => {
testLayer({Layer: GeoJsonLayer, testCases: [
// Test case 1
props: {data: []}
// Test case 2
props: {
onAfterUpdate({layer, oldState}) {
t.ok(layer.state.features !== oldState.features, 'should update features');, 2, 'should render 2 subLayers');
// Test case 3
updateProps: {
// will be merged with the previous props
lineWidthScale: 3
onAfterUpdate({subLayers}) {
const pathLayer = subLayers.find(layer =>'linestrings'));, 3, 'widthScale is passed to sub layer');



testLayer({Layer, spies, testCases, onError});
await testLayerAsync({Layer, spies, testCases, onError});
  • Layer (object) - the layer component class to test
  • testCases (Array) - a list of test cases, as described below.
  • viewport (Viewport, Optional) - a viewport instance to use for the tests.
  • spies (Array, Optional) - names of layer class methods to spy on.
  • onError (Function, Optional) - callback after each operation with potential errors. Called with two arguments:
    • error (Error|null)
    • title (string) - name of the operation.

Test Cases

Test cases specified as objects and are run sequentially. Each test case provided to testLayer specifies what properties are going to be updated.

A test case is an object with the following fields:

  • title (string) - title of the test case
  • props (object) - specifies a complete new set of props
  • updateProps (object) - specifies an incremental prop change (overrides props from previous test case)
  • spies (string[], Optional) - names of layer class methods to spy on. Overrides the list that was sent to testLayer.
  • onBeforeUpdate (Function, Optional) - callback invoked before the layer props are updated. Receives a single argument info:
    • info.testCase (object) - the current test case
    • info.layer (Layer) - the old layer
  • onAfterUpdate (Function, Optional) - callback invoked after the layer props have been updated. This allows the test case to verify that the layer's state has been correctly updated, or that certain functions (spies) have been called etc. Receives a single argument info: {layer, oldState, subLayers, subLayer, spies: spyMap}.
    • info.testCase (object) - the current test case
    • info.layer (Layer) - the updated layer
    • info.oldState (object) - layer state before the update
    • info.subLayers (Layer[]) - sub layers rendered, if the layer is composite
    • info.subLayer (Layer) - the first sub layer rendered, if the layer is composite
    • info.spies (object) - key are layer method names and values are spies.

Note that onAfterUpdate is called immediately after the props are updated. If the layer contains asynchronous props, they may not have been loaded at this point.

When using TestLayerAsync, onAfterUpdate is called multiple times until all resources are loaded.