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This utility generates a series of test cases to be used with testLayer that checks the conformance of a layer class.


Example of layer unit tests using tape. The test utility itself is test framework agnostic.

import test from 'tape-promise/tape';
import {testLayer, generateLayerTests} from '';
import {GeoJsonLayer} from '';

test('GeoJsonLayer#tests', t => {

const testCases = generateLayerTests({
Layer: GeoJsonLayer,
sampleProps: {
assert: ({layer, subLayers}) => {
t.ok(layer.state.features, 'should update features');, layer.props.stroked ? 2 : 1, 'correct number of sublayers');

testLayer({Layer: GeoJsonLayer, testCases});



generateLayerTests({Layer, sampleProps, assert, onError});
  • Layer (Object) - the layer component class to test
  • sampleProps (Object, Optional) - a list of props to use as the basis for all generated tests. Can be used to supply a meaningful set of data.
  • assert (Function, optional) - callback when checking a condition. Receives two arguments:
    • condition - a value that is expected to be truthy
    • comment (String) - information about the check
  • onBeforeUpdate - custom callback to be added to each test case.
  • onAfterUpdate - custom callback to be added to each test case.