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project64 (Shader Module)

The project64 shader module is an extension of the project shader module that does projection using 64 bit floating point. It provides an increase in precision, at the cost of performance. Note that starting with v6.1, the improved default 32 bit projection mode provides sufficient precision for most use cases.


The uniforms needed by project64 are extracted from the project module uniforms project_uViewProjectionMatrix and project_uScale.

GLSL Uniforms

Uniforms are considered private to each shader module. They may change in between patch releases. Always use documented functions instead of accessing module uniforms directly.

The uniforms of the project64 shader module are prefixed with project64_ in their names.

GLSL Functions


64 bit implementation of the project_position_to_clipspace interface.

vec4 project_position_to_clipspace(vec3 position, vec3 position64Low, vec3 offset)
vec4 project_position_to_clipspace(vec3 position, vec3 position64Low, vec3 offset, out vec4 commonPosition)


  • position - vertex position in the layer's coordinate system.
  • position64Low - low part of the vertex position, calculated as aLow = a - Math.fround(a).
  • offset - offset from the coordinate, in common space
  • commonPosition - projected position in the common space

Returns: Projected position in the clipspace.


64 bit counterpart of the project modules project_position

void project_position_fp64(vec4 position_fp64, out vec2 out_val[2])
void project_position_fp64(vec2 position, vec2 position64Low, out vec2 out_val[2])


64 bit counterpart of the project modules project_common_position_to_clipspace

vec4 project_to_clipspace_fp64(vec2 vertex_pos_modelspace[4])


  • project64 depends on's fp64 module which is a big and complex shader module, which means that project64 is a big dependency for your shader.