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CARTO Builder is a powerful tool for designing map visualizations. With the fetchMap function, you can easily instantiate layers configured in Builder for use with It is available starting with CARTO Maps API version v3 and 8.7.

Loading a Builder map with


Static display of a CARTO map

import {Deck} from '';
import {fetchMap} from '';

const cartoMapId = 'ff6ac53f-741a-49fb-b615-d040bc5a96b8';
fetchMap({cartoMapId}).then(map => new Deck(map));

Integration with CARTO basemaps

fetchMap({cartoMapId}).then(({initialViewState, mapStyle, layers}) => {
const deckgl = new deck.DeckGL({
container: 'container',
controller: true,
// (Optional) Include a basemap.
mapStyle: `${mapStyle.styleType}-gl-style/style.json`,


const map = await fetchMap({cartoMapId, credentials, autoRefresh, onNewData});

cartoMapId (string)

Required. Identifier of map created in CARTO Builder.

credentials (object, optional)

CARTO Credentials to use in API requests.

headers (object, optional)

Custom headers to include in the map instantiation requests.

autoRefresh (number, optional)

Interval in seconds at which to autoRefresh the data. If provided, onNewData must also be provided.

onNewData (Function, Optional)

Callback function that will be invoked whenever data in layers is changed. If provided, autoRefresh must also be provided.

Return value

When invoked with a given cartoMapId, fetchMap will retrieve the information about the map from CARTO, generate appropriate layers and populate them with data. The properties of the map are as follows:

id (string)

The cartoMapId.

title (string)

The title given to the map in CARTO Builder.

description (string)

The description given to the map in CARTO Builder.

createdAt (string)

When the map was created.

updatedAt (string)

When the map was last updated.

initialViewState (string)

The view state.

mapStyle (string)

An identifier describing the basemap configured in CARTO Builder.

layers (Layer[])

A collection of layers.

stopAutoRefresh (Function)

A function to invoke to stop auto-refreshing. Only present if autoRefresh option was provided to fetchMap.


With dynamic data sources, the autoRefresh option to fetchMap makes it simple to create an live-updating map.

const deck = new Deck({canvas: 'deck-canvas'});
const mapConfiguration = {
autoRefresh: 5,
onNewData: ({layers}) => {

const {initialViewState, layers, stopAutoRefresh} = await fetchMap(mapConfiguration);
deck.setProps({controller: true, initialViewState, layers});

buttonElement.addEventListener('click', () => {