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This widget visualizes bearing and pitch. Click it once to reset bearing to 0, click it a second time to reset pitch to 0. Supports Map and Globe view.


id (string)

Default: 'fullscreen'

Unique identifier of the widget.

viewId (string, optional)

Default: null

The widget is attached to the view identified by this viewId. When assigned, the widget is placed within the specified view, and exclusively interacts with it. Required when using multiple views.

placement (string, optional)

Default: 'top-left'

Widget position within the view relative to the map container. Valid options are top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right, or fill.

label (string, optional)

Tooltip message displayed while hovering a mouse over the widget.

Default: 'Compass'

transitionDuration (number, optional)

Default: 200

Bearing and pitch reset transition duration in milliseconds.

style (object, optional)

Default: {}

Additional CSS styles for the canvas.

className (string, optional)

Default: undefined

Class name to attach to the widget element. The element has the default class name of deck-widget deck-compass-widget.